Vladimir Ryzhak - Web & mobile developer

About me

Hi guys! I am Vladimir, full stack developer from Krasnodar, Russia. At the moment I’m working at Ticketscloud. Feel free to contact me.


I graduated from the Kuban State University in 2014. I was studying at the faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. My specialization is applied mathematics in the economy. I have experience in different IT fields, from trading robots to computer games. I was even working as a football referee...but that's a totally different story :) In my spare time I play football, meet up with friends and so on.


React Native
90% Complete
Android development
60% Complete
IOS development
50% Complete
Blockchain (ethereum, solidity)
80% Complete
Backend (nodejs, php)
80% Complete
Frontend (react, angular, typescript)
90% Complete
Machine learning (python)
50% Complete
RDBMS, NoSQL (mysql, mongo, redis)
70% Complete
Other (C#, golang, java, c++)
30% Complete